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Tenants, Are You Really Ready To Rent?

Ok, so you finally find the house you like, pay the app fee and you apply. But there are others applying for the same property who have better income and credit. So that nice home, in the perfect location, at a great price rents to someone else! Now not only do you need to search again, you need to also complete another application and pay another app fee!!

Getting approved for a rental CAN BE HARD and EXPENSIVE! This is especially true if you have ANY negative factors to consider such as current or past short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy, self employment, bad credit, etc.

For that reason we’ve created the Good Tenant Rental Application Package. This package allows you to put your best foot forward. It gives the agent/owner EXACTLY what they need to REVIEW and APPROVE your rental application NO MATTER your situation.

The Package includes:

  • Custom Cover Letter – Summarizes your situation and your offer.
  • Income and Reserves Summary – Shows total monthly gross income and total reserves for all applicants.
  • Residency History and References – Includes either a verification of residency or a “Good Tenant” reference letter.
  • Typed Rental Application – Typed, complete and professionally done.
  • Income Documentation – Pay stubs, bank statements, parental support letters, profit and lost statements, etc. Whatever is needed to verify income and ability to pay.
  • Letters of Explanation – For credit, residency history and/or income. Gives the reasons and explanations for any unusual or negative factors.
  • Credit Reports – Tri Merge Credit Report with True FICO Scores run by a licensed real estate broker as required by most landlords, agents and property managers.

All of these items are combined into a single PDF file that can be easily and quickly emailed to potential Landlords and Realtors.

Plus, you SAVE ON APP FEES because you get a copy that you can use on ANY PROPERTY you apply for.

Click here to view a sample and see for yourself how a Good Tenant Rental App Pak will give you a competitive edge and get you approved FASTER with much less effort and frustration .